About Me


I've been active in professional ministry for over five years. The Lord first led me into youth ministry where I was eventually able to serve as District Youth President in the Indiana North District of the Wesleyan Church resourcing 56 churches in addition to working with local students. I have served as an Assistant Pastor focusing on Family Ministry and Technology/Arts, and today my hats include Discipleship, Connections, and Leadership!


In addition to being a full-time pastor, I enjoy serving through Nerd Specs Creative. Founding this company has given me a beautiful outlet to glorify God through creativity and help others communicate effectively. My interests center around full stack Web Dev (Ruby on Rails), front-end (Bootstrap), Motionography (After Effects), 3D Composition (Blender), DSLR Videography (Rebel T4i), and more recently Vector Graphics (Inkscape).


You'll find me sharing my thoughts and opinions across the digital landscape on issues from postmodern philosophy to digital addiction and more. I enjoy having discussions on current issues, especially when I can share some perspective from history. My favorite reads tend toward the Patristic period and studies on 1st Century Anthropology. To rest that side of my brain I enjoy reading books and blogs on Web Development--specifically Ruby on Rails.

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  • 2013

    Spooner, WI

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    Jonesboro, IN

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    Boston, MA

  • 2006

    Indiana Wesleyan University

  • 2002

    My Life Transformed